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And end-to-end collection
management application. If you're in search for somebody to ask, "Could you do my homework for me cheap?", Vesica is easy to use and canlead to substantial financial savings.

Document, Manage and Track Collections in the Cloud.
Vesica can lead to substantial financial savings and can help museums and heritage organisations build an intergated online strategy, increase productivity and collaborate better.

A Comprehensive & Intuitive Cataloguing Platform Ideal for Private Collectors.
It's a snap to document, manage, publish and exhibit your collections online. You can store everything, from insurance and financial documents to images and videos. It's all secure and backed up automatically.

Manage Multiple Clients Accounts.
Vesica has it all - a comprehensive documentation
platform, collection management and account security.
Plus, you can earn extra income by becoming a Vesica Partner & recommending us to your clients.

Private Collectors

Catalogue & Share

Art Consultants           

Manage Client Portfolios

What is Vesica?


Vesica is a web based museum-class art collection management application that can be used in lieu of traditional desktop software. Easy to use and priced so everyone from large museums to individual collectors pay only for what they use, Vesica can be used for art, heritage, science and antique collections. It offers a complete solution for those looking to document, manage and market art collections of all sizes - from 10 to 5 million+ objects.

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