You can not only use our service, but also rely on an advanced writer who will prepare excellent theoretical material for you in order to make your collection or presentation of a work of art better.


Vesica's subscription fees are not just affordable - they are fixed, enabling museums and other organisations to reliably forecast their IT costs over several years.


With Vesica there are no implementation fees. You can run the software on your existing computers and browsers, and you won't need to pay for expensive hardware, specialist IT support staff, or system development.

Little Upfront Investment

Vesica is available to "try out" for free without the risk, pain, and expense of a large upfront investment. In fact, the only upfront investment you might ever need is to migrate any existing data from your current software.

No Long Term Contracts

You're not tied in to any long term contracts with Vesica. You pay the subscription fee every 30 days and can cancel at any time.

Up-to-Date Technology

Vesica takes care of updates and maintenance automatically and invisibly, keeping you ahead of the technology curve. No need to pay for custom development or a new upgrade every time technology takes a step forward.

Security & Reliability

PCI compliant, Vesica can maintain a more secure, sophisticated, and high-capacity infrastructure for your data than the average museum. You can benefit from our high-end infrastructure and security without bearing the cost.


Working with multiple scholars, historians or specialists is easy with Vesica - they don't have to come to your office and can gain restricted access via the internet.


If you've got any additional features you'd like to see built into Vesica - just let us know. We'll build it in so you can start using it - with no additional cost.

Remote Access

Vesica is accessible via the internet, which means that your staff can access the service via the web from any computer anywhere in the world with Internet access.


Vesica provides the flexibility to grow with your collection. Easily add users, create collections & scale your account up or down in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Cross Browser/
Device Availability

Vesica works on a variety of devices and operating systems. So whether you use Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Android or the iPad, you can use Vesica.


With the Vesica API, your collection can be integrated into your website seamlessly. We'll have a working Drupal module available soon too so you can do this automatically.


No support contracts or fees. It's all included and support is available via the ticketing system available in your account 24/7 or via the chat service during UK business hours.


Yes, Vesica offers features and functionality other museum collection applications don't. See the comparison chart (PDF download) or visit the features page.