About Vesica

Vesica is an on online art, heritage and cultural collection management application. Delivered as a service in a browser, Vesica is simple but comprehensive, making it ideal for museums, heritage organisations, art collectors, and institutional galleries. It offers a complete, end-to-end solution for those looking to document, manage and market art collections of all sizes - from 10 to 1 million + pieces or objects.

In a nutshell, Vesica includes features to store information about art collections across hundreds of parameters which allow you to document, manage and market an art collection. The software is powered with robust search and reporting features, allowing you to visualize your collection with charts by medium, region, period, technqiue and more.

Thousands of hours of research and development have gone into Vesica. The software is updated on a regular basis and new features and interface upgrades are added automatically. Because the software works on a simple subscription model, you only pay for the number of pieces you store and you can increase that number at any time. Vesica's interface is built on state-of-the-art technology which allows you to edit hundreds of parameters about an object without having to reload the screen even once. This delivers a truly "on-demand" interface, delivering an experience comparable to a desktop application.

Vesica has been built with the input of art collectors, museum and gallery professionals and art consultants across the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia.

A Brief History

Learn about how the concept of "Vesica" came into being, where we started and how Vesica has evolved into what it is today. Vesica is the result of collaboration between people in different continents, addressing a market and need that was virtually ignored before.

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The Vesica list of features is a massive expanse of everything you will ever need to document about art. So whether you're a museum looking to manage and monetize your collections or an art collector looking to get organized, Vesica will give you everything you need in one application. Best of all, it's constantly updated with new features.


Corporate Information

Vesica is headquartered at Churchill House on Brent Street in North West London. We're just 10-15 minutes away from Hendon Central Tube Station (on the Northern Line) and are literally a mile away from the M1. With a work force and business infrastructure that spans four continents, Vesica is a diverse business with the energy and motivation to breathe new life in to the world of museums and art collections.

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