Museum Savings Calculator

Of course, if you want to use complex formulas, or write an academic paper about money and art, go to https://mid-terms.com/informative-economics-essay-writing/ to write my economics essay and get a job that would met your needs. To help illustrate the substantial amount of savings that museums can benefit from by switching their collections management to Vesica, we've put together this simple calculator. It uses average costs we have computed based on a report published by the Collections Trust in the UK for digitising European Collections in 2010.


You can save up to: €1 per year* by switching to or using Vesica.

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* Savings are based on average spending per museum per object (over 10 years based on the Served Available Market (SAM)) on software licensing and acquisition and maintenance of the hardware that such software runs on and are computed from numbers available in the Collections Trust "The Cost of Digitising Europe's Cultural Heritage" publication from November 2010. The numbers assume that the average museum collection comprises 20,000 objects. Please note that these numbers are provided as an estimate and may differ substantially for you or your organisation. The use of this calculator and the numbers it generates do not imply, guarantee or warrant any contract between you and Vesica. This is a free tool and the numbers herein are subject to change. This calculator is not related to or endorsed by the Collections Trust.