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Dec 22

Export Object Data to Microsoft Word

  • Thu 22nd Dec 2011

Documenting your collection just became more flexible – with Vesica, you can now print different parts or all of the information about an object to a Word document. It’s a fully-formatted export, and once all the information is in Microsoft Word, you can edit to your heart’s content. From the ability to do further research […]

Aug 07

V&A’s Jameel Prize 2011 is weak

  • Sun 7th Aug 2011

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) happens to be one of my favoured larger London museums, but that’s not going to save this year’s Jameel prize. Whilst the Jameel Family and the Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) have done very well to raise awareness about Islamic Art and Craft (including their substantial donation for […]

Jul 23

Stream your Audio Guides in Vesica

  • Sat 23rd Jul 2011

Audio streaming and audio guides now supported in Vesica for museums

May 20

Museums and virtual exhibitions – help is on the way

  • Fri 20th May 2011

Ever since we started to work on Vesica, our team has always been interested in the workings of virtual exhibitions. I’ve also recently been keeping up with some very interesting articles. In particular, Michael Douma’s articles on the IDEA blog with regards to virtual exhibitions, their potential and how they are affecting the potential breed […]

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