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Apr 08

What’s new in Vesica this month?

  • Tue 8th Apr 2014

Lots of stuff. March and April have seen several new features and additional functionality. Here’s a summary of what you can expect to help you manage your collections: Multiple dimension records. You can now add multiple dimension records for each piece. Add dimensions, with packaging, with a frame, or however you wish. You’ll just see […]

Sep 30

113 New Currencies Added to Vesica

  • Mon 30th Sep 2013

With today’s update, Vesica now supports the creation of financial transactions and records in 113 new currencies in addition to EUR, GBP and USD. The new currencies are another step towards expanding Vesica into a multi-lingual platform for museums and private collectors across the globe and will be followed by versions of Vesica in multiple […]

Jun 18

6 Survival Tips for Museums

  • Tue 18th Jun 2013

With gloomy news for museums coming out last year ( and earlier this year ( along with some of our local museums ( shutting down, I figured it’s time to put together a basic survival guide for museums – a how to, if you will, of conserving the funds you already have and perhaps getting the […]

Sep 15

Getting art collection reports the way you want them

  • Sat 15th Sep 2012

One of the updates scheduled for the last quarter of 2012 in Vesica is a report building tool. Unlike other software where you can generate pre-defined reports, this reporting tool will allow you to print whatever you want on a report. The report builder will benefit immensely from Vesica’s already powerful search and filter functionality. […]

Aug 10

Summer @ Vesica

  • Fri 10th Aug 2012

It’s been a busy summer at Vesica – we’re hard at work making some major architectural changes to the application to sustain the ongoing growth – many of our customers (and we’ve surpassed 200 this month!) will start to see the benefits of these changes in the ongoing months in the form of increased speed […]

Jun 21

The Evolution of Technology & the Structured Human Mind

  • Thu 21st Jun 2012

This article deals with technology, the human mind and business in and around a museum environment. Of course, the discussion is probably true in virtually all other sectors and industries, but Vesica doesn’t deal with those. Nonetheless, the attempt is to make the article structured whilst trying to deal with issues of users (or human […]

Jun 07

Multi Lingual Collections Management for Museums

  • Thu 7th Jun 2012

With a user-base that spans over 30 countries, we’re often asked if Vesica supports foreign languages. The answer is yes. Vesica uses the UTF-8 character set, so all foreign languages – including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, etc. are supported. This means you can enter information in virtually any language. The Vesica interface, however, is currently […]

May 23

Some Thoughts on Museum Websites and Open Source CMS

  • Wed 23rd May 2012

Let me preface this article by saying that I have been working in the web space since 1997. It has been in a variety of different sectors and domains, from universities and education to a variety of businesses, and now, museums, culture and art. We have recently started work on some museum websites along with […]

May 17

Museums and the Cloud: Common Questions

  • Thu 17th May 2012

Here’s a list of common questions (and brief answers) that museums and private collectors with sizable collections tend to ask when considering Vesica. If you have more questions you would like added to the list or require more in-depth answers, please comment or get in touch. Is the cloud reliable / how often would the application go […]

Apr 26

When Museums Pay for Free Consulting

  • Thu 26th Apr 2012

The short answer is always. And they pay more than they would have than if they paid upfront. Following on from my last article “Museum Technology: Adopt and Adapt” which discussed how museums need to use technology to become more efficient in today’s economy, this article will address another simple concept that applies in business, […]

Apr 18

Google Maps and Interactive Cultural Experiences

  • Wed 18th Apr 2012

The next version of the Vesica Interactive Timeline will feature a fully searchable, interactive timeline built on Google Maps. Whilst work has been ongoing to integrate the Google Maps API with Vesica along with other features, we recently had the opportunity to build a simple integration for the Introducing America exhibition at the Colorado Springs […]

Apr 11

Museum Technology: Adopt and Adapt

  • Wed 11th Apr 2012

In last month’s post “What would you save? Museums or Libraries?” I said I would talk about basic tips and ideas to help make museums efficient. These will range from a variety of topics, ranging from technology to operational efficiency to marketing. But we’ll start with technology – as it’s really quite a simple one. […]

Apr 02

Director / Trustee Recruitment Event – April 26, 2012

  • Mon 2nd Apr 2012

At Vesica, our team is realising some of the most complex technology challenges facing museums of all sizes. From taking collections into the Cloud, automating virtual exhibitions, allowing user engagement with collections via the web, to offering museums a seamless, new way to manage collections software licensing – the work we do is helping shape […]

Mar 12

What would you save? Museums or Libraries?

  • Mon 12th Mar 2012

At our last Museum Professionals MeetUp in London, an interesting question not only sparked a great discussion, but it has inspired me to share some thoughts – many of those based on our discussion. The question, in effect was: “With government funding cuts across the UK, many libraries and museums are already closing their doors. […]

Feb 20

What makes Vesica a unique Collections Management Database?

  • Mon 20th Feb 2012

Amidst all the buzz and feedback about Vesica this year, one question has come up a couple of times. This question is primarily posed by those who’ve been through the features list but have not yet created a trial account to see how Vesica works. Others, who have used it, have been kind enough to […]

Jan 27

Why SaaS is good for Museums?

  • Fri 27th Jan 2012

I’ve been asked this question 4 times this month already – and the simple answer is that museums, like all other organisations, should focus on what they do – not on software maintenance. Of course, there is always some context to such questions, so here is some perspective. Typically, many museums, when they ask such […]

Dec 22

Export Object Data to Microsoft Word

  • Thu 22nd Dec 2011

Documenting your collection just became more flexible – with Vesica, you can now print different parts or all of the information about an object to a Word document. It’s a fully-formatted export, and once all the information is in Microsoft Word, you can edit to your heart’s content. From the ability to do further research […]

Nov 08

The Vesica Partner Program

  • Tue 8th Nov 2011

The Vesica Partner Program was launched earlier this week and is now accepting applications. Ideal for professionals and companies who work with the museum, heritage, art or cultural sector, the Vesica Partner Program offers a host of benefits to Partners, including: Additional, on-going revenue PR Opportunities Participation in our Webinars and at Customer Events And much, […]

Oct 31

Are Mobile Apps for Museums Overrated?

  • Mon 31st Oct 2011

The last year or so has seen a dramatic increase in all the talk about mobile apps, not just across the museum and heritage industry, but for all major sectors. From banking apps to games to photo management, from useful apps like the TFL Live London Underground Updates to the completely worthless ones like SimStapler, […]

Aug 16

Preview of this Week’s Update

  • Tue 16th Aug 2011

It’s Tuesday afternoon and we’re happy to announce that the release scheduled for later this week (Friday) will not only add some new features, but will grow the application functionality in terms of compatibility and add something in terms of easier navigation and user experience. The team has been hard at work implementing some of […]

Aug 07

V&A’s Jameel Prize 2011 is weak

  • Sun 7th Aug 2011

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) happens to be one of my favoured larger London museums, but that’s not going to save this year’s Jameel prize. Whilst the Jameel Family and the Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) have done very well to raise awareness about Islamic Art and Craft (including their substantial donation for […]

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