Introduction to Painting Techniques Inspired by Ottoman Textiles

Background Information

Work produced at a previous
workshop by Nausheen S.

The Traditional Crafts are derived from the intertwining of wisdom (hikmah) and craftsmanship (fann or sinaah). Traditional textiles and costumes enable one to wander through the history of the world, from the rise of civilizations to the fall of empires, with a blend of diverse cultures, legends and religions.

The traditional textiles resonate humility and beauty. The substance of art is beauty and this is a Divine quality. Join us to explore painting techniques inspired by Ottoman Textiles and the beauty therein.

Students will be taken on a journey through the history, techniques, symbolism and application of these Traditional textiles. The workshop will also cover the essence of the harmony of colours, an understanding of pattern created by Geometry and ‘Islimi’ – also known as the Arabesque, and the textural quality of textiles. This will be achieved through an overview of traditional painting techniques.

Expected Outcomes

  • Design sketches and colour schemes inspired by Traditional Ottoman Textiles

  • Develop diary / sketchbook of the design process with stages and thoughts

Booking Details

Date Saturday - October 29, 2011
Time 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Location 16-24 Underwood Street
N1 7JQ
Fee £70 (materials included)
Instructor Nausheen Sheikh
How to book Call Vesica on 020 8133 8050 or email
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