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Vesica API

The new Vesica RESTful API is now available in beta, and you can use it to combine work with artistic moments by asking write my memo for me in advance. This page explains how to use the REST service and provides a sample template to retrieve data from your Vesica account. Until this service runs in beta through June / July 2013, only the GET method is available via the API. POST, PUT and DELETE methods will become available once the API moves out of beta.

The old XML driven API is still available, but is deprecated and will be phased out at the end of this year.

Each request to the Vesica REST server expects at least a resource and if you are after a specific item, it also expects a resource ID. The following information should help clarify how the API can be used:

Things to keep in mind

Sample Code

You can download a code sample written in PHP here. For assistance, please login to your account and create a support ticket or email .

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