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Vesica pricing plans are based on a flat fee of £0.10 per object per month. To see how much you'll pay for your collection, choose from the choices below. You can always sign-up for a free account and upgrade at any time.

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* Price excludes VAT (where applicable). All payments are charged in GBP. USD equivalent is shown and is subject to change based on the exchange rate. To get started, sign up for a free account below and upgrade to your preferred plan. Vesica supports over 1 million pieces / objects per account. If you require more pieces than the list above allows for, please contact us with your requirements.

All plans include...

» Our extensive collection management platform
» Unlimited file and image uploads
» Tablet PC compatibility
» File and Image management
» Stream & manage audio
» Stream & manage video
» Multi-currency support
» Enhanced search and charts
» Unlimited users
» Export / print object details
» Fund / Acquisition management
» And much, much more

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