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Jun 18

Asif N

6 Survival Tips for Museums

With gloomy news for museums coming out last year ( and earlier this year ( along with some of our local museums ( shutting down, I figured it’s time to put together a basic survival guide for museums – a how to, if you will, of conserving the funds you already have and perhaps getting the […]

May 07

Asif N

New API, Browser Support and More…

2012 was the year that Vesica got a major infrastructure upgrade – 2013 is the year that the Vesica application will see major updates and upgrades. The earliest of these will be the release of the new Vesica API in early May 2013. The new, RESTful API will be made available in different phases, first […]

Mar 23

Asif N

Simplifying JQuery Dialogs

Working on a web application that uses multiple JQuery dialogs? You’re probably sick of rendering dialog boxes with JQuery’s .dialog() function and all of its parameters. So here’s a tiny little function that you can include in your AJAX application at the top level via a <script></script> tag, and then simply call each time you […]

Feb 16

Asif N

Using Vesica’s Interactive Timeline

Released in December 2012, the Vesica Timeline allows all Vesica users to see the pieces in their account on an interactive map. Getting your existing collections to appear on the map will require you to define the location of your object in the History / Provenance section in the About tab when editing a piece. […]

Jan 21

Asif N

Tech Talk: URL Hashing and JQuery UI Tabs

Whilst Vesica uses JQuery, what’s discussed in this article is not used in Vesica, but in a similar application we helped build at the  NHS (National Health Service) which borrows from the Vesica interface. The application in question is a single page application, so virtually everything is done via AJAX. The URL receives different parameters via […]

Jan 18

Asif N

Introducing Vesica Tech Talk

After a quiet holiday blogging season, we have a bit of a twist and some regular updates planned for the Vesica blog, including a new section called Tech Talk. Tech Talk will be discussing some web based technical implementations that we at Vesica have used in the application and in exteral projects (our team gets […]

Nov 28

Asif N

Thanksgiving from Vesica – Report Printing

On Thanksgiving day last week we released several improvements across the Vesica platform, along with an initial version of the report printer which allows you the ability to sort and filter your collections by any of the parameters stored in Vesica, then decide what you want to print about each one of them. Whilst a […]

Oct 08

Asif N

The Vesica Google Maps Timeline

Vesica’s Google Maps Timeline was set to be launched next Monday – October 15, 2012. We just setup some final tests today and have been very excited about the launch – it would basically give a museum dedicated HistoryPin type functionality (coupled with Vesica’s extensive search and filter tools) – but Google seems to have […]

Sep 15

Asif N

Getting art collection reports the way you want them

One of the updates scheduled for the last quarter of 2012 in Vesica is a report building tool. Unlike other software where you can generate pre-defined reports, this reporting tool will allow you to print whatever you want on a report. The report builder will benefit immensely from Vesica’s already powerful search and filter functionality. […]

Aug 27

Asif N

Why we went with the .WS TLD

Last week I had a conversation with a friend and a colleague who really could not understand the reason we run Vesica on the .ws TLD. As a global museum based business, he was adamant that we can and only should use .COM. This has, of course, come up in the past – but no […]