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Vesica for Art Consultants

As an art consultant, you work with a variety of collectors and organisations and deal with various collections. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could manage all your clients' collections in one application, but keep them separate and let each person or organisation have access to their collections and get paid additional for recommending Vesica along the way? Below you can see two collaboration packages with Vesica, but we would like to remind you at https://dissertationmasters.com/ where you can find information and formal analysis about works from your own or others' collections.

Professional Collection Management

As an art consultant, you can use Vesica document multiple clients' collections, give each client access to their own accounts and still manage everything with just one set of user credentials. You also get our reliable, CDWA compliant, solar-powered documentation and management application with unlimited storage.

  • ✓ Manage multiple accounts with one username and password

  • ✓ Collaborate with your clients online - you can both document the collection as needed

  • ✓ Promote and market your clients' work with online exhibitions

  • ✓ Upload unlimited images, audio and video

  • ✓ Get peace of mind - store all your clients' collections files in our secure application

  • ✓ And more...

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Become a Partner and Gain...

As a Vesica Partner and an art consultant, you can grow and enhance your business by using a professional system and earn additional revenue at the same time. Benefits of our partner program include:

  • ✓ Additional, on-going revenue stream

  • ✓ Dedicated support to help you grow your business

  • ✓ Access to Partner Dashboard

  • ✓ Marketing collateral and PR opportunities

  • ✓ Incentive marketing

  • ✓ Participation at Vesica customer events

  • ✓ Listing in Vesica Preferred Supplier Directory

  • ✓ And more...

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