Vesica API - Requesting Collections

To get a list of collections in your Vesica account you need to send at least three variables (user_api, account_api, demand) with the correct values using the POST method. All the requests must be sent to The demand for requesting piece lists must be "COLLECTION_LIST".

Following is the sample form for requesting a list of collections from your account. All the fields in the form are mandatory and must be filled in with correct values.


In addition to the above mandatory variables, the Vesica API provides the following optional variables which can be used to manipulate / filter the results returned by the API.

Name Description
name To display collections having this value in name.
description To display collections having this value in description.
piece_name To display collections having pieces with name containing this value.
piece_symbolism To display collections having pieces with symbolism containing this value.

If THE submitted values are correct, the Vesica API will return the following XML.




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