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Asif Nawaz - Managing and Technology Director Asif Nawaz, CTO & Chief Software Architect
Having worked in the web technologies industry since the mid 1990s, Asif oversees the day to day management of the business and has designed the Vesica platform, making sure the Vesica experience is delivered consistently. From a business management standpoint, while Asif has an outcome oriented, "hands on" reputation, he also has an enviable track record of managing at a senior level, and successfully delivering complex and challenging projects.

Born in Pakistan, educated at the University College of Islamabad, Asif got his A levels from the University of Cambridge. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Colorado in the United States in business administration and information systems, and was recognised as Outstanding Information Systems Undergraduate of the year. He is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

It was at the University of Colorado that Asif was "hand picked" for what become his first major web based project. For almost two years Asif worked alongside a team undertaking to research, design, build and launch a new web site for the university. This project followed strict best practice software lifecycle management principles, and included interviews with key stakeholders, requirements specification, designing and developing interfaces and tools to engage prospective students, and front end design of the web site.

Asif has practiced in several countries over the past few years, and acquired a variety of experience in various technology fields. Based in Dubai, Asif took on the role of Managing Partner for Ingenium Partners FZE, an IT services consulting firm of 4 partners, focusing on customising and building financial software solutions. A significant part of Asif's role was to oversee the high level development of the software; early success doubled the size of the technology team in the first year.

Now residing in London, Asif is working involved with a variety of art and technology related projects, ranging from Vesica to Museum Technologies.

While Asif has an outcome oriented, "hands on" reputation, he also has an enviable track record of managing at a senior level, and delivering complex and challenging projects on time and on budget.

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