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Vesica is based in the dynamic city of London. With London's diverse history, artistic culture and state-of-the art technology infrastructure, the company is perfectly placed to deliver the world's leading art management software and consultancy. If you want to be a part of our team, confident in your competence, then contact for interview format writing and get to work sooner!

Mission Statement

Vesica's mission is to preserve the sanctity of the arts and crafts by leveraging the cloud and helping museums and private collectors digitally archive and document classic, contemporary and traditional works of art and craft in an effort to bridge the gap between those skilled in the arts and our future generations. Read more about learning and art in our article "The Art of Academic Evaluation: Balancing Efficiency and Accuracy".

As the modern world becomes more and more dependent on technology, the coming generations are no longer familiar with the skills of working with the 'hand' and producing works of art that exemplify beauty. With Vesica and the Vesicapedia project, we aim to document these skills and works in a medium that the coming generations are familiar with - so the skills are always accessible.


Vesica has an executive board of professionals experienced in the world of art, technology and business. The management team has a background that spans four continents, placing the company in a perfect position to deal with a global market. Check this space for more information on our growing Board of Directors.

CEO and Chief Software Architect Asif Nawaz, CEO / CTO
Having worked in the web technologies industry since the mid 1990s, Asif oversees the day to day management of the business and has designed the Vesica platform, making sure the Vesica experience is delivered consistently. From a business management standpoint, while Asif has an outcome oriented, "hands on" reputation, he also has an enviable track record of managing at a senior level, and successfully delivering complex and challenging projects.
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Nausheen Sheikh, VP Research and Documentation Nausheen Sheikh, VP of Research and Documentation
Nausheen Sheikh completed her masters' degree in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London, UK. Since then she has visited several countries across the Middle East and Asia in order to explore the possibility of fusing Traditional Islamic Art with the modern society. Her travels as a passionate artist fueled the inspiration for Vesica and her drive to help sustain the arts and what they represent has constantly help improve and enhance the business.
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Andrew Cropper, Account Management and Business Development

Rizwan Aziz, Project / Development Lead

Parimal Desai, Finance / Accounting

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