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Nausheen Sheikh - Design and Research Director Nausheen Sheikh, VP Research and Documentation - Islamic Art & Textiles
Nausheen Sheikh completed her masters' degree in Visual Islamic & Traditional Arts from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London, UK. Since then she has visited several countries across the Middle East and Asia in order to explore the possibility of fusing Traditional Islamic Art with the modern society. Her travels as a passionate artist fueled the inspiration for Vesica and her drive to help sustain arts and what they represent has constantly help improve and enhance the business.

Nausheen's education at the Prince's School has given her an eye to appreciate the beauty, and a sense to discover the essence, of traditional art. It is her ever lasting wish to revive the traditional arts from their dying state; to breathe into them a new life, adding livening colours into a fading painting; finding the rebirth of traditional art as a living tradition. Nausheen's undergraduate degree in textile technology and design management lends to a textural quality which is very significant in order to create depth and add another dimension of mystery to her work. She firmly believes and has on several occasions stated that "whether its interior designing or painting or anything one sets out to do, for it to be done well and resonate true beauty there must be a harmony, passion, and a quiet humbleness within ones own self before it can be seen in ones work and mannerisms."

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