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May 14, 2010

Creating Art Collections in Vesica

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Creating an art collection in Vesica is as easy as clicking the mouse a few times. If you want to enrich your collection with descriptions, or if you want to contact the relevant institutions with a request for collection or purchase, professional letter writing service will help you. Really, following the steps below is is all it takes:

1. Sign in to your Vesica account.

2. Click on Collections from the mail Menu across the top.

3. Once you’re on the collections page, simply click on the create a collection button, and the collection name form will appear (see screenshot). Enter a name from the collection and press the continue button.

Vesica Screenshot - Create a Collection (1)

4. You will now go to the next screen which will allow you to enter a description and upload a default photograph for this collection. This information is optional. On this screen you will also have 3 tabs. Click on the Pieces tab to choose which pieces you would like to associate with this collection. Once selected, simply click the Submit button.

Vesica - Add Pieces to Collection

Vesica Screenshot - Add Pieces to Collection (2)

5. That’s all. Collection created. If you want to display the collection in your Vesica Gallery or the master Vesica Gallery, you can update the settings appropriately in the Settings tab.

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