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Archives records: November 2011

Nov 25

Vesica charts get drill down functionality

  • Fri 25th Nov 2011

Vesica users today will be able to drill down from Vesica charts into detailed data about their collections. This functionality makes interacting with your collections easier, faster and more intuitive. Where as before you could just visualize your collection via the pie charts and would have to search independently to get the list of objects […]

Nov 22

Preview: Interactive Timeline

  • Tue 22nd Nov 2011

Further to the email some of our users would have received, we will this week start rolling out the Interactive Timeline to several accounts, with others to follow in the next week or so. The Interactive Timeline Feature is another way to visualize and interact with your collection on a timeline and map. Whilst you […]

Nov 08

The Vesica Partner Program

  • Tue 8th Nov 2011

The Vesica Partner Program was launched earlier this week and is now accepting applications. Ideal for professionals and companies who work with the museum, heritage, art or cultural sector, the Vesica Partner Program offers a host of benefits to Partners, including: Additional, on-going revenue PR Opportunities Participation in our Webinars and at Customer Events And much, […]

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