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Archives records: June 2012

Jun 21

The Evolution of Technology & the Structured Human Mind

  • Thu 21st Jun 2012

This article deals with technology, the human mind and business in and around a museum environment. Of course, the discussion is probably true in virtually all other sectors and industries, but Vesica doesn’t deal with those. Nonetheless, the attempt is to make the article structured whilst trying to deal with issues of users (or human […]

Jun 19

Vesica now available in Spanish

  • Tue 19th Jun 2012

Good news –  Vesica is today available in Spanish (along with English). Following on from the previous post by Asif N about Vesica as a multi-lingual platform, the interface of the application is now available in Spanish. This is the first step in the journey to internationalization and rolling out Vesica as a multi-lingual application. […]

Jun 07

Multi Lingual Collections Management for Museums

  • Thu 7th Jun 2012

With a user-base that spans over 30 countries, we’re often asked if Vesica supports foreign languages. The answer is yes. Vesica uses the UTF-8 character set, so all foreign languages – including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, etc. are supported. This means you can enter information in virtually any language. The Vesica interface, however, is currently […]

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