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Archives records: July 2011

Jul 28

Why Preserving Heritage is Paramount

  • Thu 28th Jul 2011

I’m often asked why it is that when I speak about preserving heritage or about possibilities with Vesica, I speak with such passion. The short answer is because I feel passionately about it. That’s difficult at times for some of my corporate friends (old and new) to understand, because during my career as a corporate […]

Jul 28

Vesica now available on Google’s Chrome Web Store

  • Thu 28th Jul 2011

Vesica is today available on Google’s Chrome Web Store, which allows you to install apps within the Chrome browser for easy access. Install the app today by visiting The Vesica app is available free to all users.

Jul 23

Stream your Audio Guides in Vesica

  • Sat 23rd Jul 2011

Audio streaming and audio guides now supported in Vesica for museums

Jul 13

Vesica API (beta) Available Today

  • Wed 13th Jul 2011

A beta version of the Vesica API is available today. As one of the most requested features, the Vesica API allows you to add, view and manage your objects and collections by sending various parameters via the “POST” method. In return, the API sends XML based on the received parameters. The Vesica API can be […]

Jul 05

Vesica is now available on AppDirect

  • Tue 5th Jul 2011

July 1, 2011 – Vesica is now available via the AppDirect marketplace. AppDirect is a free web-based application which allows you to use and manage web-based applications from anywhere in one simple and secure site. It’s also a marketplace that provides the latest web-based applications. It really is based on the concept of simplifying the […]

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