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May 11, 2010

Vesica – Released into General Beta

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Vesica was today (May 11, 2010) released into general beta. Whilst the private beta release in January gave us some insight into how to make the interface effective, we also walked away with a huge list of feature requests from our first set of users. As we work towards all of those projects, we’ve packaged the basic functionality of the application and launched the software in general beta. This should give collectors, gallery owners and everyone involved in the art industry great insight into the potential that Vesica can and does offer. The Vesica blog, coming in the next couple of weeks, will contain regular updates and preview of the latest features that are currently being developed.

January 4, 2010

Vesica Goes into Private Beta

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Vesica was today released into closed beta testing. Users who have previously shown interest in the software have been sent out login information and passwords to log in to Vesica and test out the functionality of the software. There’s some front end work that needs to be done, and as we receive feedback from this closed set of users, we will be taking the software into public beta next month.

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