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Archives records: May 2011

May 27

Summer workshops at Vesica

  • Fri 27th May 2011

We’ve just released the schedule for our Summer courses and workshops in 2011. The following 2 courses will be offered in June / July: Painting Techniques Inspired by Ottoman Textiles Ottoman Textiles with Concepts of Luxecycling For more details or to book please visit

May 20

Museums and virtual exhibitions – help is on the way

  • Fri 20th May 2011

Ever since we started to work on Vesica, our team has always been interested in the workings of virtual exhibitions. I’ve also recently been keeping up with some very interesting articles. In particular, Michael Douma’s articles on the IDEA blog with regards to virtual exhibitions, their potential and how they are affecting the potential breed […]

May 01

iPad and Tablet PCs now supported

  • Sun 1st May 2011

With today’s update, Vesica now supports Apple iPad and other Google Android and Windows 7 powered tablet PCs. This mobile compatibility is one of many upcoming add-ons and we believe it to be of great benefit to museums and collectors, who can now start archiving and documenting collections on the go. All major devices that […]

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