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Archives records: April 2012

Apr 26

When Museums Pay for Free Consulting

  • Thu 26th Apr 2012

The short answer is always. And they pay more than they would have than if they paid upfront. Following on from my last article “Museum Technology: Adopt and Adapt” which discussed how museums need to use technology to become more efficient in today’s economy, this article will address another simple concept that applies in business, […]

Apr 18

Google Maps and Interactive Cultural Experiences

  • Wed 18th Apr 2012

The next version of the Vesica Interactive Timeline will feature a fully searchable, interactive timeline built on Google Maps. Whilst work has been ongoing to integrate the Google Maps API with Vesica along with other features, we recently had the opportunity to build a simple integration for the Introducing America exhibition at the Colorado Springs […]

Apr 11

Museum Technology: Adopt and Adapt

  • Wed 11th Apr 2012

In last month’s post “What would you save? Museums or Libraries?” I said I would talk about basic tips and ideas to help make museums efficient. These will range from a variety of topics, ranging from technology to operational efficiency to marketing. But we’ll start with technology – as it’s really quite a simple one. […]

Apr 02

Director / Trustee Recruitment Event – April 26, 2012

  • Mon 2nd Apr 2012

At Vesica, our team is realising some of the most complex technology challenges facing museums of all sizes. From taking collections into the Cloud, automating virtual exhibitions, allowing user engagement with collections via the web, to offering museums a seamless, new way to manage collections software licensing – the work we do is helping shape […]

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