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Archives records: January 2013

Jan 21

Tech Talk: URL Hashing and JQuery UI Tabs

  • Mon 21st Jan 2013

Whilst Vesica uses JQuery, what’s discussed in this article is not used in Vesica, but in a similar application we helped build at the  NHS (National Health Service) which borrows from the Vesica interface. The application in question is a single page application, so virtually everything is done via AJAX. The URL receives different parameters via […]

Jan 18

Introducing Vesica Tech Talk

  • Fri 18th Jan 2013

After a quiet holiday blogging season, we have a bit of a twist and some regular updates planned for the Vesica blog, including a new section called Tech Talk. Tech Talk will be discussing some web based technical implementations that we at Vesica have used in the application and in exteral projects (our team gets […]

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