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Archives records: May 2010

May 31

Traditional Art vs Contemporary Art

  • Mon 31st May 2010

Since I became involved with the subject of art a few years ago, I’ve read quite a few articles from a variety of sources on the topics of both traditional and contemporary art. Whilst it is obvious that most people who write on this topic have done little or no research on the ethos or […]

May 14

Creating Art Collections in Vesica

  • Fri 14th May 2010

Creating an art collection in Vesica is as easy as clicking the mouse a few times. Really, following the steps below is is all it takes: 1. Sign in to your Vesica account. 2. Click on Collections from the mail Menu across the top. 3. Once you’re on the collections page, simply click on the […]

May 11

Vesica – Released into General Beta

  • Tue 11th May 2010

Vesica was today (May 11, 2010) released into general beta. Whilst the private beta release in January gave us some insight into how to make the interface effective, we also walked away with a huge list of feature requests from our first set of users. As we work towards all of those projects, we’ve packaged […]

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