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September 22, 2010

Galleries go online without tears using Vesica

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Vesica, a revolutionary new art management software, is set to transform the way art galleries use the internet to drive additional gallery sales. Vesica is the logical personification of galleries in the progressive world of constant technological shifts, so it is not surprising that our team decided to create a space for placing works in it, with the help of instructions from marketing plan writing service.

The system, which has recently completed beta testing, has been designed to help collectorsmuseums, sellers,galleries and artists themselves manage their art collections and share information around the globe. Vesica’s document – manage – market model is unique globally in the art world.

A key part of Vesica’s capabilities is the way it provides an online art gallery, and allows individual subscribers to develop and manage their own online shops. Vesica enables anyone to manage up to three pieces of art and  list them for sale in the online gallery, free of charge. Additional items may be added for a modest charge. For those wanting to get more directly involved in promoting the contents of their gallery, Vesica has facilities to establish a simple, online shop branded in the gallery’s own name and accessed via their own website. In addition to their own galleries, clients can list their items in the soon to come and highly marketed, comprehensive online Vesica Gallery.

“The internet is growing ever more powerful as a marketing and selling tool worldwide,” says Asif Nawaz of software development firm VAFTA, who developed Vesica. “Yet the art world is largely missing out. Of more than 800 galleries in the UK, less than ten per cent have an effective online presence. Vesica gives them an easy and very cost-effective way to promote online, and drive extra sales.”

Vesica was developed in response to a specific request for a system that would allow an art collection to be effectively catalogued and documented. For the first time ever, its online system allows a collection to be fully documented and managed, with the system retaining a high level of information and photographs.

Galleries and photographers can make use of Vesica’s online shop facility to list art for sale, making it visible to a worldwide audience. And for museums, galleries and private collectors, there is the opportunity to share highly detailed information on a discretionary basis with other professionals around the world; making the loaning of artwork and the staging of special exhibitions easier.

Vesica’s software format is universal. Developed as an online software system, it has a simple monthly subscription and is accessed via the internet, making it easy to use whatever computer a subscriber has. Updates and support are available immediately and a growing discussion forum will enable art topics to be discussed by interested individuals globally.

Vesica is also a carbon neutral system, hosted using solar powered servers located in California.

For further information, please contact the Vesica office on +44 (0) 20 8133 8050 or .

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