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September 23, 2010

Vesica R&D Director to Teach Traditional Textiles Courses

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Nausheen Sheikh, Research and Design Director at Vesica, will be teaching Traditional Textiles Courses at the Nour Festival of Arts at Leighton House Museum in London, UK.

The courses will include hands on explorations of traditional Middle Eastern textiles. Participants will be tutored to create their own textiles in a course that explores the following areas:
  • Colour combinations in traditional textiles from primary and secondary resource materials;
  • How to achieve harmony and balance in the colouration of patterns;
  • What is ‘texture’ and how it is created;
  • Introduction to the Biomorphic forms, ‘Islimi’ motifs and their application to geometric patterns;
  • Exploring various embellishment techniques.

Workshops run from October 6 to October 27 and at £45 for each session. Advanced booking is required. Please call 020 7471 9153 to book.

For more details, please visit

September 22, 2010

Galleries go online without tears using Vesica

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Vesica, a revolutionary new art management software, is set to transform the way art galleries use the internet to drive additional gallery sales.

The system, which has recently completed beta testing, has been designed to help collectorsmuseums, sellers,galleries and artists themselves manage their art collections and share information around the globe. Vesica’s document – manage – market model is unique globally in the art world.

A key part of Vesica’s capabilities is the way it provides an online art gallery, and allows individual subscribers to develop and manage their own online shops. Vesica enables anyone to manage up to three pieces of art and  list them for sale in the online gallery, free of charge. Additional items may be added for a modest charge. For those wanting to get more directly involved in promoting the contents of their gallery, Vesica has facilities to establish a simple, online shop branded in the gallery’s own name and accessed via their own website. In addition to their own galleries, clients can list their items in the soon to come and highly marketed, comprehensive online Vesica Gallery.

“The internet is growing ever more powerful as a marketing and selling tool worldwide,” says Asif Nawaz of software development firm VAFTA, who developed Vesica. “Yet the art world is largely missing out. Of more than 800 galleries in the UK, less than ten per cent have an effective online presence. Vesica gives them an easy and very cost-effective way to promote online, and drive extra sales.”

Vesica was developed in response to a specific request for a system that would allow an art collection to be effectively catalogued and documented. For the first time ever, its online system allows a collection to be fully documented and managed, with the system retaining a high level of information and photographs.

Galleries and photographers can make use of Vesica’s online shop facility to list art for sale, making it visible to a worldwide audience. And for museums, galleries and private collectors, there is the opportunity to share highly detailed information on a discretionary basis with other professionals around the world; making the loaning of artwork and the staging of special exhibitions easier.

Vesica’s software format is universal. Developed as an online software system, it has a simple monthly subscription and is accessed via the internet, making it easy to use whatever computer a subscriber has. Updates and support are available immediately and a growing discussion forum will enable art topics to be discussed by interested individuals globally.

Vesica is also a carbon neutral system, hosted using solar powered servers located in California.

For further information, please contact the Vesica office on +44 (0) 20 8133 8050 or .

September 21, 2010

Vesica moves out of Beta

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Vesica – the world’s first online art documentation platform built for collectors, galleries, museums and artists was moved out of beta on Monday, September 20, 2010. Having released the comprehensive platform, Vesica’s focus now moves on to adding additional features based on the feedback received from private and general beta phases.

In addition, the company is starting to focus on helping art collectors based in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas focus on research and documentation work for their art collections. “(For many collections) there’s very little known information about the history of a particular piece of art, it’s symbolism, the techniques that went into creating it, why it was created or who created it,” says Asif Nawaz, Director at Vesica. “We aim to help collectors and museums discover, document and share this information, so that the world can be educated in the history and symbolical importance of these pieces. As future generations move away from traditional, handmade arts and crafts, Vesica aims to help build a platform that will preserve the sanctity of art and help prolong the importance of and present this information to future generations in digital formats and media that they are more familiar with.”

Vesica is a carbon neutral, solar powered and hosted on demand art management software delivered as a service that helps collectors, museums, galleries and artists document, manage, market, share and monetize their art collections. The software has been developed by London, UK based Vesica Ltd.

For further information, please contact the Vesica office on +44 (0) 20 8133 8050 or .

September 3, 2010

The Upgraded Vesica Dashboard

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Upgraded Vesica Dashboard

The Upgraded Vesica Dashboard

Vesica now has a new account dashboard. The new dashboard gives you an overview of the latest news, your account details, a breakdown of the various objects / pieces in your art collection as well as a comprehensive search facility.In addition to the dashboard, a new search and filtering facility also available on piece / object listing to quickly sort and filter collections by any criteria.

The new dashboard, released last week, will become a powerfool tool for collectors, museums and galleries looking to manage and document their art collection portfolios.

More information on Vesica’s comprehensive documentation platform and it’s new eCommerce features, user galleries and the master Vesica gallery is coming soon as we get ready to move the software out of beta and share some of amazing pieces of antique art already documented in Vesica.

May 11, 2010

Vesica – Released into General Beta

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Vesica was today (May 11, 2010) released into general beta. Whilst the private beta release in January gave us some insight into how to make the interface effective, we also walked away with a huge list of feature requests from our first set of users. As we work towards all of those projects, we’ve packaged the basic functionality of the application and launched the software in general beta. This should give collectors, gallery owners and everyone involved in the art industry great insight into the potential that Vesica can and does offer. The Vesica blog, coming in the next couple of weeks, will contain regular updates and preview of the latest features that are currently being developed.

April 19, 2010

Vesica and Museum Technologies Sign Landmark Deal

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Vesica today signed a deal with Museum Technologies to become the official collection and item management software provider to museums who work with Museum Technologies. In addition to providing the software at an enterprise scale for larger Museums and Galleries, this deal opens up huge possibilities for Vesica customers to be able to market their products and opens up avenues and growth channels for Vesica

January 4, 2010

Vesica Goes into Private Beta

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Vesica was today released into closed beta testing. Users who have previously shown interest in the software have been sent out login information and passwords to log in to Vesica and test out the functionality of the software. There’s some front end work that needs to be done, and as we receive feedback from this closed set of users, we will be taking the software into public beta next month.

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