Planned Features Coming Soon to Vesica

The following is a brief list of planned features and educational tools that are currently being or will be developed in the near future:

  • 3D Reel - this will allow you to upload an image file laid out with a series of different angles for your object. The system will then automatically render it in 3D.
  • Vesicapedia - Dedicated, integrated, individualised encyclopaedias for museums.
  • Regression Analysis - Another upcoming educational tool. Get scatter and line diagrams to chart the depth of your collections across artists, materials, techniques and other parameters over time.
  • Google Maps Interactive timeline - Allowing you to interact with your collections on a completely new level.
  • Drag and Drop PPV Exhibitions - You already have your collection in Vesica. You'll soon be able to monetize it, even if you don't have the space to display it on the exhibition floor.
  • Research and scholarly tools to help you keep bibliographical, scholarly and literature records.
  • Feedback management for venues and locations to help make loaning easier and efficient.
  • Secure file sharing with 3rd parties and correspondence that allows you to send emails from within the system.
  • Workflow management - see which objects need to be inspected or treated.
  • Version control for object descriptions and other content.
  • Image Zoom - Zoom into your high resolution images.
  • Drupal Module - Display your Vesica collections on your Drupal website.
  • Logging - See which of your users have been actively using the account, what they added, edited or updated, and when.
  • Report builder - Build and print your own reports. This will allow you to search your entire collection, choose what set of information you'd like to print about each of those items and then allow you to export that to a word document or a simplified html file for printing.
  • Pre-built, integrated museum websites - This will be a Drupal based service. Museums can pick and choose designs, skin them and launch a powerful, feature rich website integrated with their Vesica account.
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