Online Gallery

online gallery

Publish your collections online.

If you want to exhibit your collections online - look no further. Each Vesica account comes with your own online gallery, served at a vanity URL of your choice, and allows you to share your objects and collections online - only the ones you choose fit to share.

Think of your online gallery at Vesica as a mini-website, you can upload your own logo, add information about the latest exhibitions, contact details and more.

You'll soon be able to host pay-per-view online exhibitions on a fully branded website - so you can monetize your collections and the exhibitions you put together - forever. To stay up-do-date or for more information on the upcoming online exhibitions feature, please subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Display your collection online
    Choose which objects and collections to share online
  • Get your own co-branded vanity gallery URL
    For example:
  • Additional CMS enabled pages
    Add information about your organisation and exhibitions
  • Add your own logo / contact details
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